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Local Lodge 1998

National City, California

Phone: (619) 477-7373

Navy Secretary meets with L-1998

L-1998 President Robert Godinez, right, presents Navy Secretary Ray Mabus with a commemorative mug.

NAVY SECRETARY RAY MABUS paid a visit to workers represented by Local 1998 at the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in San Diego Jan. 9. L-1998 President Robert Godinez addressed the Secretary before the shipyard workers present, thanking him for honoring requests to name several ships and also for supporting NASSCO’s need for additional ship orders.

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L-1998 welcomes shipbuilding orders

L-1998 Pres. and IR Robert C. Godinez, left, and Asst. Dir. – Shipbuilding and Marine Division Services Steven Beal, right, meet with Navy Sec. Ray Mabus in May.

NASSCO to design and build six product tankers

WITH SEVERAL THOUSAND Local 1998 (National City, Calif.) members laid off and a possible two-year gap in future orders, Boilermakers at the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in San Diego were facing tough times as 2013 began. Those worries have diminished, however, following news of two new contracts for Jones Act product tankers and an announcement by the Navy that it would move up production of new fleet oilers.

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Boilermakers host Ukrainian union leader

Ukrainian visitors to L-1998 enjoy a close-up view of the USS Midway aircraft carrier. Left to right, Gary Powers, A/D-ISO; Jim Cooksey, IR; Bobby Godinez, L-1998 president; Tyler Brown, D-ISO/AAIP; Liubov Nyemov; Anatoliy Nyemov, chairman of the Okean Shipyard trade union; and Oksana Kovalka, interpreter.

THE LEADER OF a Ukrainian shipyard union received a warm welcome March 22 at Local 1998 (National City, Calif.) and enjoyed a boat tour of the NASSCO shipyard from San Diego Bay.

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L-1998 members to build world’s first LNG-powered containerships

Artist’s rendering of new LNG-powered TOTE ship.

General Dynamics NASSCO and TOTE Inc. sign deal for two ships, with option for three more

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 1998 (National City, Calif.) will be involved in constructing advanced container ships powered by liquid natural gas (LNG), following a deal reached by General Dynamics NASSCO and TOTE Inc. late last year. The two companies inked a contract last December for the design and construction of two double-hulled, 3,100 TEU vessels serving the Jones Act market (trade involving shipping between U.S. ports).

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L-1998 ship builders complete 12th T-AKE

The USNS William McLean (T-AKE 12) slides down a slipway at General Dynamics' N

LOCAL 1998 (SAN DIEGO) members employed at the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard completed their 12th T-AKE supply ship for the U.S. Navy earlier this year.

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L-1998 launches USNS Charles Drew

L-1998 member Robert Navarro uses a crane to position the “ways” (the launch ramp) for the USNS Charles Drew.

Navy awards additional contract, guaranteeing work through 2012

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 1998 (National City, Calif.) witnessed the successful launching of the USNS Charles Drew Feb. 27. It was the 10th in a series of 12 ships the members are building; the remaining two are in various stages of construction at the San Diego shipyard. But the best news of the day quickly followed: The Navy was awarding them another contract to increase the total number of ships to 14, guaranteeing them steady work through 2012.

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Members of Congress join delegates at reception

Hawaii Sen. Daniel Akaka, third from right, with (l. to r.) IR Dave Bunch; Dir. of Political Affairs Bridget Martin; Gary Aycock, L-627; Keola Martin, L-90; and IVP Warren Fairley.

Boilermakers build relationships with legislators

DELEGATES TO THE 41st annual LEAP conference welcomed legislators, congressional aides, and other guests to the Boilermakers’ congressional reception March 18 to continue the work of building good relationships.

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L-1998 delegates point out foreign-made ship parts

Delegates from Local 1998, San Diego, Calif., gather before meeting with Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA 52nd) at the U.S. Capitol.

Congressman’s ship photo serves as example

DELEGATES FROM LOCAL 1998 (San Diego, Calif.) shared an opportune moment while lobbying in Washington, D.C., at the LEAP conference in March.

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New lodge officers attend training

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Sept. 9-11

Program held in five cities in United States and Canada

2008 WAS AN election year — not only for the governments of Canada and the United States, but also for Boilermaker local lodges in both countries. While U.S. lodges must hold elections every three years, Canadian lodges do so every five years. Occasionally, the Boilermaker local lodge election cycles coincide, as they did in 2008.

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