Are You Ready for College?

Dependents of Boilermaker members are eligible for scholarships of up to $5,000. Each year, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers gives a total of $50,000 worth of scholarships to dependents of members, both in Canada and in the U.S.

Boilermaker scholarships are open to high school seniors who will be entering their first year of academic study at a degree-granting, accredited college or university within one year of their high school graduation and are dependents of Boilermaker members in good standing (includes son, daughter, legally adopted child or dependent of a member in good standing).

Scholarship awards are based upon a variety of factors, including academic achievement, extra-curricular and outside school activities, career goals, and performance on a typed essay.

Scholarship candidates must submit the following:

  1. The official Scholarship Application (postmarked between January 1 and March 1);
  2. proof of relationship or dependency to a Boilermaker member;
  3. the results from their SAT and/or ACT test scores (for U.S. citizens only);
  4. the applicant's high school transcript; and
  5. a minimum 350 word, typed essay on a specific theme (a new essay topic is announced each December for that year's scholarship application).

The essay topic for 2017 is "Discuss the potential impact of trade deals like CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement), signed in October 2016, and TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), which has yet to be ratified, on Boilermaker jobs in North America."

Contact your local lodge for an application or request one in writing from the committee at the address below.

Scholarship Committee
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
753 State Ave., Suite 570
Kansas City, KS 66101

Applications postmarked after the March 1 deadline cannot be considered.


Winners of the 2016 International Executive Council Scholarship Awards:

  • Jashawn Baxter — son of John Baxter, Local Lodge 110 — $2,000
  • Kayla Carlson — daughter of Edward Carlson, Local Lodge 359 — $1,000
  • Allissa Lynne Chirdon — daughter of Brian Chirdon, Local Lodge 1393 — $2,000
  • Emily Crooks — daughter of Ken Crooks, Local Lodge 191 — $1,000
  • Kiara Doiron — daughter of Brian Doiron, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
  • Karson Fitzsimons — son of Kevin Fitzsimons, Local Lodge 146 — $1,000
  • Morgan Gilmer — daughter of Kevin Gilmer, Local Lodge 13 — $2,000
  • Marise Gionet — daughter of Paolo Gionet, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
  • Alyssa Godin — daughter of Jean-Guy Godin, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
  • Madelaine Godin — daughter of Bernard Godin, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
  • Madison Graham — daughter of Danny Graham, Local Lodge 146 — $1,000
  • Ryan Green — son of Thomas Green, Local Lodge 13 — $2,000
  • Holly Jo Harlan — daughter of Michael Harlan, Local Lodge 83 — $2,000
  • Tomasz Joks — son of Tomasz Joks, Local Lodge 128 — $1,000
  • Ivanka Juran — daughter of Ken Juran, Local Lodge 5 — $2,000
  • Liam Kearney — son of Daniel Kearney Jr., Local Lodge 28 — $2,000
  • Ryan Kolsch — son of Dean Kolsch, Local Lodge 1509 — $2,000
  • Abigail Lelis — daughter of Arnel Lelis, Local Lodge 146 — $1,000
  • Nicholas Lewandowski — son of Michael Lewandowski, Local Lodge 1 — $2,000
  • Caitlin McCann — daughter of Sean McCann, Local Lodge 193 — $2,000
  • Breanah Morishige — daughter of Andrew Blair, Local Lodge 726 — $2,000
  • Allison Nona — daughter of Kenneth Nona, Local Lodge 1 — $2,000
  • Austin O’Flaherty — son of John O’Flaherty, Local Lodge 650 — $2,000
  • Bridgette Olavage — daughter of Ernie Olavage, Local Lodge 13 — $2,000
  • Morgan Penry — daughter of Timothy Penry, Local Lodge 83 — $2,000
  • Charles Peponakis — son of Mark Peponakis, Local Lodge 5 — $2,000
  • Jackson Pye — son of John Pye, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
  • Brianna Ritz — daughter of Todd Ritz, Local Lodge 667 — $2,000
  • Brenton Sutherland — son of James Todd Sutherland, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
  • Morgan Tarnalicki — daughter of Louis Tarnalicki, Local Lodge 13 — $2,000
  • Cristol Wagner — daughter of Charles Wagner, Local Lodge 193 — $2,000

Winners of the Canadian Federation of Labour (CFL) scholarships selected by the International Scholarship Committee:

  • Marise Gionet — daughter of Paolo Gionet, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000
  • Alyssa Godin — daughter of Jean-Guy Godin, Local Lodge 73 — $1,000

In selecting these winners, the members of the Scholarship Committee were highly impressed with their excellent grades throughout high school, their many achievement awards, their participation in many extracurricular activities, and their well-written essays.

Scholarship applications are available at the end of each year from your local lodge.

Applications for the 2017 awards will be available from your local lodge at the end of this year and will be accepted from January 1 to March 1, 2017. Applications postmarked after the March 1, 2017 deadline cannot be considered.

Contact your local lodge in December to get an application. The International will not mail applications to individuals.

Some local lodges have their own scholarship programs. Scholarships are also available through the Union Plus credit card program and some state and regional labor councils. For information on their scholarships, contact these organizations directly.

Union Plus Credit Card offers scholarships

The Union Plus Credit Card Scholarship Program is open to members of unions that are participating in the credit card program, their spouses, and dependent children attending or planning to attend a four-year college or university, community college, technical college, or trade school.

Union Plus Credit Card Scholarship Program applications are available beginning in September. Applications can be downloaded from the Union Plus Web site at Or, applicants can clearly print their name, return address, telephone number, and international union affiliation on a postcard and send it to: Union Plus Scholarship Program, P. O. Box 34800, Washington DC 20043-4800.

Application deadline is January 31. Award winners will be announced on May 31. However, due to the high volume of applications, only winners will receive notification.

All members are eligible to apply regardless of whether they carry a Union Plus Credit Card.

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