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Education and Training Calendar

Courses sponsored by The Bonnie Ladin Union Skills Program AFL-CIO

Please contact Jean Dearden at rdearden@aflcio.org or 202-637-5114 with questions or concerns.

More information at http://events.signup4.com/2015BLUS

Sep 13, 2015 to Sep 18, 2015
Contract Negotiations in the Private Sector
Linthicum Heights, Maryland

The unique challenges posed by private-sector contract negotiations will be explored fully in this course, which explores the role of the chief negotiator from preparing initial proposals to ratifying a contract. Developing committee work and record-keeping procedures; the use of economic data in bargaining; the design of a bargaining campaign; and preparing for and directing the ratification process will also be covered. A highly effective part of the course is a tough bargaining exercise designed to help participants effectively weigh negotiating strategies and tactics.

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Sep 27, 2015 to Oct 2, 2015
Arbitration Preparation and Presentation, Level I
Linthicum Heights, Maryland

This hands-on class takes both new and advanced advocates through all the steps needed to thoroughly prepare and present an arbitration case involving discipline and just cause. Participants work in teams and receive extensive individual instruction, feedback and support from a union-side labor lawyer while they practice oral advocacy and presentation of evidence for a mock hearing. The class places special emphasis on techniques for developing a theory of the case and for thoroughly investigating and analyzing facts and contract language. Discussions include tools from class that can be shared with stewards committees as well as strategies for avoiding arbitration. Participants receive additional feedback and critiques at the conclusion of the mock arbitration hearing. A required advance assignment guides participants through the case file before coming to class.

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Courses sponsored by School for Workers - University of Wisconsin-Extension

Please contact by phone at 608-262-2112 or email schoolforworkers@uwex.edu for more information.

Dec 7, 2015 to Dec 9, 2015
Essentials of Bargaining
Madison, Wisconsin

This all-inclusive course covers the fundamentals of collective bargaining and the whole bargaining process. It focuses on factors affecting collective bargaining outcomes, introduces strategic and tactical planning and membership mobilization, addresses key labor laws, bargaining health care and benefits, and developing an overall bargaining plan. The class also introduces the concepts of contract costing and research, which are covered more comprehensively in the Advanced Bargaining Tools class.

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Dec 10, 2015 to Dec 11, 2015
Advanced Bargaining Tools
Madison, Wisconsin

This specialized 2-day program provides a detailed, in-depth exploration of three topics: (1) costing contract proposals, (2) writing and evaluating contract language, and (3), individual and team conduct in caucuses and at the bargaining table.

The first day is an intensive, hands-on costing workshop that will enable participants to compare the real costs of union and employer proposals and practice the skill of costing multi-year package proposals that deal with wages, health insurance, and other benefits. Half of day two will be devoted to learning how to analyze the nuances and “legalese” of contract language and write the most effective language for your proposals. The other half of day two will be spent exploring and evaluating the various ways to interact in negotiating team caucuses and at the bargaining table itself. Great when paired with our “Essentials of Bargaining” course, or on its own as a stand-alone program!

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Courses sponsored by School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University

For more information or to register for courses offered by Cornell, please contact Becky Daniels at 716-852-4191 or rpd2@cornell.edu.

Sep 9, 2015 to Sep 29, 2015
Steward Training (OLLB112)

This tools-building workshop emphasizes the rights of stewards/committee persons in resolving disputes in the workplace. The right to information, the duty of fair representation, and member’s right to representation of their Weingarten rights will be covered. Participants will learn how to protect the grievance process, the equality principle, the seven tests of just cause, and how to simplify grievance writing.

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Oct 5, 2015 to Oct 25, 2015
Basic Negotiation Skills (OLLB114)

This introductory-level workshop is designed to develop the skills of union negotiators who do not have extensive experience in advancing a collective bargaining strategy and in conducting face-to-face negotiations at the bargaining table.

Key Topics

  • The bargaining process, timing and procedures
  • Bargaining techniques, strategies and tactics
  • Maximizing effectiveness of the bargaining committee
  • Reading the other side; articulating the members’ needs; using the caucus
  • Identifying the employer’s pressure points
  • Coordinating table tactics with membership support activities

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Courses sponsored by The University of Iowa Labor Center

You may register for Labor Center programs on campus in one of four ways:

Online: Online Registration Form
By phone: 319-335-4144
By fax: print form and fax to 319-335-4464

By mail: print form and send to:

Labor Center
100 BioVentures Center, Room W130
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

Sep 10, 2015 to Sep 11, 2015
Advanced Steward School
Iowa City, Iowa

For union officers, staff, and experienced stewards. This two-day course will include updates on hot topics, analysis of arbitration case studies, and a focus on sharpening communication, advocacy and presentation skills.

Topics will include:

  • Discipline & Discharge: Mastering the “Tests of Just Cause” and key recent trends in discipline cases
  • Contract Interpretation: Understanding arbitrators’ standards for interpreting written language and “past practice”
  • Arbitration case studies: How arbitration works, and how to lay the foundation for a strong arbitration case at every step of the grievance process
  • Making Your Case: Collecting essential evidence, framing the issue, presenting persuasive arguments, involving members, and negotiating settlements
  • Your Contract & the Law: How do labor and employment laws interact with your collective bargaining agreement? What are pros and cons of resolving issues via a grievance vs. other legal channels?
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