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Harsco cites L-397 member for robotics

Ed Warner checks out a new robotic weld cell.

HARSCO INDUSTRIAL Patterson-Kelley has been manufacturing heat transfer products for over 130 years. The Compact Water Heater product line has been part of the product offering for over 40 years and has most recently been the focus of continuous improvement. A robotic weld cell was purchased to improve speed, quality, and repeatability in the manufacturing process. The project started nearly two years ago with Ed Warner, a member of Boilermakers Local Lodge 397 with over 25 years of service, leading the effort.

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LEAP honors CAF, LEF donors

IVP Larry McManamon accepts the award for highest LEF contribution by a local lodge on behalf of Local 83 (Kansas City, Mo.) from D-PA Bridget Martin.

Funds support pro-worker candidates, member education

TOP DONORS TO CAF and LEF in 2012 received recognition during the 45th annual Legislative Education Action (LEAP) conference in Washington, D.C., May 5-9. The awards went to vice-presidential sections, individual lodges, and individual members.

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Coal-produced electricity regains some market share

THE MARKET SHARE of electric power generated from coal has outpaced that of natural gas since November of 2012, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The EIA reported that in April 2012, coal and natural gas held an equal share of the market, but in each of the past five months, coal’s share has risen to 40 percent or more while natural gas dipped to 25 percent.

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Marine pilot and motivational speaker targets safety

Wes “Dahmer” Sharp describes a near-fatal crash involving two Marine fighter jets.

Wes “Dahmer” Sharp talks about near misses

LODGE LEADERS AT the Boilermakers Construction Sector Operations conference in Marco Island March 3-7 heard about safety issues from a Marine pilot who experienced a near-fatal accident while piloting an F/A-18 fighter jet during a training exercise. Wes “Dahmer” Sharp explained how his plane and another jet smacked together, belly to belly, in the heat of a very competitive aerial maneuver — and lived to tell about it.

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BNAP rolls out new website

Apprentice applicants will find wealth of information

VISITORS TO THE new Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program website — — will find a more user-friendly experience and far more information than was available previously, according to BNAP National Coordinator Marty Spencer. The site went live May 13.

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L-169 welding contest becomes destination for high schoolers

Retired L-169 instructor Jim Howard addresses participants in the lodge’s annual welding contest for high school students.

A DECADE AFTER the first Boilermakers Local 169 High School Welding Invitational, the annual springtime event has become

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L-374’s Brumfield urges environmental and economic balance

IN A GUEST editorial published in the Evansville Courier & Press May 30, Local 374 (Hammond, Ind.) Business Agent Timothy Brumfield makes a compelling case to balance the concern for a healthy environment with the need for a healthy economy and good jobs. Brumfield’s commentary followed an air permit meeting for a new fertilizer plant being planned for southern Indiana – and the seemingly automatic opposition by the Sierra Club and another environmental group.

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Trade watch group questions secrecy of TPP negotiations

Lori Wallach addresses the Boilermakers’ LEAP conference May 7.

Lori Wallach’s New York Times op-ed raises alarm over sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

IN A NEW YORK Times op-ed piece (“Obama’s Covert Trade Deal”) published June 2, Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizens Global Trade Watch, lays out her concerns over the Obama administration’s support for a secretive Pacific trade agreement that she says could threaten the liberties of Americans and foster even more off-shoring of U.S. jobs.

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LEAP delegates gather in nation’s capital

Krystal Ball, MSNBC co-anchor and political writer

DELEGATES REPRESENTING lodges from across the nation traveled to Washington, D.C., in early May to take part in the 45th annual

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